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1997 #1 Shih Tzu Bitch

Ch Deja Vu's Ra-Na Out of Control





1998 Westminster

Our Newest Addition
Tu Chu-Cameo Black Gold

BG & Emily Ann


CH Cameo's Alluring Karako
owner Betsy Dyer

Fudge went to the Rainbow Bridge
May 2, 2011. Fudge spent her final years at Cameo Shih Tzu where she was born.




Ch. Jemwyk Wish I May Wish I Might
Ch Tu Chu-Validian Spiced Cameo



Ch Tu Chu's Crime of Passion
breeder, co-owner Kathy Kwait


Ch. Kara'ko Untold Stories
Date of birth: 10/24/02

Ch. Tu Chu-Marja Fireworks
Co-owned by Kathy Kwait




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