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Welcome to Cameo Shih Tzu

This is my retired male, Chase.

Chase was featured as the Shih Tzu in Comcast on Demand's Top 10 Dog Breeds.

Cameo Shih Tzu
is located near historic Bucks County,Pa
Cameo has been breeding quality Shih Tzu dogs over 18 years.

I am also a member of the American Shih Tzu Club. All puppies at Cameo are home-raised in a loving family environment. Puppies stay in my home until they are 12 weeks old to ensure they are healthy and properly socialized.

It is the goal of Cameo Shih Tzu to produce healthy, well adjusted dogs, not only according to breed standard, but to the high standards I set for Cameo Shih Tzu.

News: Meet our newest Cameo female, "BG"


Ch. Deja Vu Cameo's The Adorable "Theo"

Ch. Tu Chu's Crime of Passion "Passion"

Ch. Tu Chu-Vaiden Dangerous Pursuit "Chase"

Cameo's Keep The Secret "Dante"

Ch. Tu Chu-Vaiden Hold Your Fire "Holden"


Treasure Memorial

And our new male, Ch. Tu Chu-Vaiden Hold Your Fire


Co owned by Kathy Kwait and Deborah Vaiden


Cameo Champions

Tu Chu-Marja Torch at Cameo (Ch.Tu Chu's Perfect Example x Ch. Tu Chu's
Carry the Torch) son. Won WD, BOW and BOB his first show at 6 months old
and a Puppy Group 1 handled by his co-owner Mark and Jackie Stempel.

shih tzu No-No
shih tzu No-No
Multiple BISS and Group Winning Bitch Ch Deja Vu's Ra-Na Out of Control 


shih tzu Passion


shih tzu Chase

Ch Tu Chu's Crime of Passion,
breeder and co-owner Kathy Kwait
Ch Tu Chu-Vaiden Dangerous Pursuit, 
 breeder and co-owner Kathy Kwait 

shih tzu Spice and Treasure

Ch Tu Chu-Validian Spiced Cameo
Ch Cameo's Treasure of the Kiss

Ch. Tu Chu Munchkintown Art Deco ROM (Deco)
BISS Ch. Tu Chu-Vaiden Is It Love (Izzy)
BISS Ch. Deja Vu Ra-Na Out of Control (No No)
Holden Holden
Ch. Tu Chu-Vaiden Hold Your Fire


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inflicted upon the male and
female breeders of those "cute
pet store puppies" by NOT buying
from a pet store.

Please read this

Only we, acting together, can
make a brighter future for
all dogs.

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