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Cameo Shih Tzu





About Me


For over 16 years I have been breeding quality 
     Shih Tzu  in the Philadelphia area.

  I am also a member of the American Shih Tzu Club.
All puppies at Cameo are home-raised in a
 loving family environment. 
Puppies stay in my home until they are 12 weeks old
 to ensure they are healthy and properly socialized.
It is the goal of Cameo Shih Tzu to produce healthy,
well adjusted dogs, not only according to 
breed standard, but to the high standards I
set for Cameo Shih Tzu.  

I currently have a new litter
born November 1, 2007 and
deposits are being taken now.

Puppy Page 1

Puppy Page 2 (updated 12/7/07)

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Cameo Champions

shih tzu No-No
shih tzu No-No
Multiple BISS and Group Winning Bitch Ch Deja Vu's Ra-Na Out of Control 


shih tzu Passion



shih tzu Chase

Ch Tu Chu's Crime of Passion,
breeder and co-owner Kathy Kwait
Ch Tu Chu-Vaiden Dangerous Pursuit, 
 breeder and co-owner Kathy Kwait 



shih tzu Spice and Treasure

Ch Tu Chu-Validian Spiced Cameo and Ch Cameo's Treasure of the Kiss

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